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University of Oxford, Forbes 30 under 30

Senior Data Scientist, Entrepreneur

Przemek Chojecki

Your instructor has a PhD in mathematics, was a Research Fellow at University of Oxford, and was listed on Forbes 30 under 30 list. Meet Przemek, a mathematician turned data scientist and an AI entrepreneur. He will help you through the process: from zero to a hired Junior Data Scientist.

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With a salary of over $50,000 data science and data analytics jobs make for a great career. Go from zero coding skills to a data scientist in 6 months with this course as the starting point. This course will allow you to start building your data science resume and become great at machine learning and data analytics.

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  • Is it hard to become a Data Scientist?

    It's not that hard, but it takes time and practice to build data science skills. You need to learn Python to collect, clean, and manipulate data. If you have no coding skills the first months will require a lot of training and learning. But don't worry - you can become a data scientist!

  • Data Scientist vs Data Analyst

    There are various descriptions of data-related jobs. You should read carefully the job requirements before applying. In general, a difference between a data scientist and a data analyst is how much time you spend looking at data. Data Analysts tend to focus on looking for practical insights from data, while Data Scientists consider data as part of the process and are actively involved in getting new data.

  • What's a salary of a data scientist?

    In the US, the average salary of a data scientist is over $50,000. You can expect similar salaries in Western Europe.

  • How does your course compare to DataCamp?

    DataCamp is focused on providing you with coding skills. Thanks to its interactive courses focused on data analytics, Data Camp complements our Data Science Job course and provides you a complete Data Science Program.

  • Will I become a Data Scientist with this course?

    That depends on you. It takes time and effort to get your first data science job, especially if you're starting from scratch. But this course will cover all the fundamentals so that you will know exactly how to master the job interview and get your first entry level job!